About PacRim Stainless

Brought to you by the Australian Stainless Steel Development Association (ASSDA), PacRim Stainless is the premier annual event bringing together Australia's stainless steel industry and colleagues from abroad in an exclusive networking environment.

The events of the last two years threw a spotlight on Australian manufacturing, highlighting the importance and value of local expertise, capability and capacity.

Stainless steel is vital to everyday life, and throughout the pandemic, our local industry continued to innovate and deliver essential goods and services from food and beverage plants to medical equipment, healthcare facilities and beyond. Improving local manufacturing self-sufficiency and building national industry resilience is now at the forefront of discussions for change. Investment in domestic supply and manufacture is key. The future is bright and it’s time to spark a new era of manufacturing in Australia.

PacRim Stainless will bring together local industry and an exceptional line-up of speakers to discuss:

  • Strategies to build industry resilience and drive local manufacture and production

  • Industry digitalisation and the future of manufacturing technology

  • Seizing market opportunities to grow the use of stainless steel

  • Raw materials and economic outlooks, including perspectives on global and local stainless steel market direction.

Delegates can expect to learn and be inspired from our high-profile speakers, and the conference social events will offer unparalleled networking opportunities.


Join ASSDA in celebrating its 27th National Conference and 16th International Forum focusing on the Asia-Pacific region.