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About PacRim Stainless

Brought to you by the Australian Stainless Steel Development Association (ASSDA), PacRim Stainless is the premier annual event bringing together Australia's stainless steel industry and colleagues from abroad in an exclusive networking environment.





As we accelerate into PacRim Stainless 2024, the imperative is clear – Sustain the Momentum. Building on the successes and insights of the preceding year, our journey is dedicated to driving sustainable growth, cultivating innovation and fostering collaboration across the stainless steel industry.


Global dynamics of stainless steel

Navigate the current local and global stainless steel trends, exploring future outlooks, and confronting challenges head-on.


Sustainable design and the clean energy continuum

Drive the evolution of sustainable design, delving into the expanding clean energy evolution and the integral role stainless steel plays in it.


Technological disruption and digital tools

Embrace the disruptions brought forth by new technologies and explore the digital tools reshaping the landscape of stainless steel manufacturing.


Innovation unveiled: New markets and case studies

Witness innovation in action through case studies that showcase the industry’s ability to innovate, penetrate new markets and revolutionise existing ones.

Leadership for the tomorrow we shape

Cultivate the essence of next-generation leadership, continuing the discourse on leadership that propels the stainless steel industry into a sustainable and innovative future.


Delegates can anticipate a riveting experience, learning and drawing inspiration from our exceptional speakers. The conference’s social events promise unparalleled networking opportunities, fostering collaboration and camaraderie.


Join us in sustaining the momentum at PacRim Stainless 2024 as we embark on the next chapter in the stainless steel narrative, steering innovative and sustainable solutions today for a promising tomorrow.


2024 marks ASSDA's 28th National Conference and 17th International Forum focusing on the Asia-Pacific region.

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