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ASSDA Young Professionals Network Function (30's and under, exclusive to ASSDA Members)

4.30 PM: Industry presentation: Craig Rispin, Business Futurist and Innovation Expert (Cloud Break Room)

"How to be a change leader in a time of massive accelerating change"

As the business landscape continues to evolve at an unprecedented rate, CEOs are seeking leaders who are capable of driving change, rather than simply following orders. To succeed in today's dynamic environment, it's essential to cultivate the right mindset, knowledge, and skills.

By embracing change and developing the skills necessary to lead through transformation, you can position yourself as an indispensable and sought-after expert with the in-demand skills that are critical to success in future.

6.00 PM: Networking canapés and drinks (Stingray Bar)


12.00 PM: Networking Lunch and Conference Registration (Sunset Lounge)

1.00 PM: ASSDA Annual General Meeting (Sunset Room)

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1.15 PM: Conference Welcome and Official Opening (Sunset Room)

Conference Chair: Joanne McIntyre, Editor-in-Chief, Stainless Steel World

1.20 PM: SPEAKER 1 - Craig Rispin, Business Futurist and Innovation Expert, Future Trends Group

'Know First • Be First • Profit First'

Learn about the future trends and driving forces impacting every business and industry - including the stainless steel industry. From AI and robotics, and synthetic biology to electric self-flying planes - every sector is experiencing massive change. Additionally, the rate of change is accelerating like never before. How can business leaders compete without a clear vision of the future? Craig will show you trends you can't ignore, and give you specific action to take today. See exactly how to profit from the massive changes ahead.

2.50 PM: SPEAKER 2 - Des Watkins, Managing Director, Watkins Steel

'Digital transformation in traditional manufacturing'

3.25 PM: Afternoon Refreshment Break (Sunset Lounge)

3.45 PM: SPEAKER 3 - Peter Munckton, Chief Economist and Head of Market Strategy, BOQ

'The economic and financial market landscape'

4.20 PM: SPEAKER 4 - Jim Lennon, Managing Director, Red Door Research / Senior Consultant - Commodities, Macquarie Capital (Europe)

'Nickel and stainless steel raw materials outlook'

4.55 PM: SPEAKER 5 - Harry Fisher, Project Manager, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

'The growing importance of battery demand to the nickel market, and implications for stainless steel'

5.30 PM: Conference Day 1 wrap up and close

6.30 PM: Gala Dinner - Australian Industry Stainless Steel Fabricator Awards 2023 (Bazaar Marketplace)


8.00 AM: Conference registration (Sunset Lounge)

8.30 AM: Introduction to conference sessions and speakers - Day 2 (Sunset Room)
Conference Chair: Joanne McIntyre, Editor-in-Chief, Stainless Steel World


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8.35 AM: SPEAKER 6 - Richard Matheson, Director, Market Development, Nickel Institute

'The sustainable use of nickel and its role in energy transition'

9.10 AM: SPEAKER 7 - Nicole Kinsman, Technical Director, International Molybdenum Association (IMOA)

'North America's new and updated structural stainless steel standards'


9.45 AM: SPEAKER 8 - Lauren Howe, Senior Materials Engineer, Arup

'Sustainable materials selection: A designer's perspective'

10.20 AM: Morning refreshment break (Sunset Lounge)

10.45 AM: SPEAKER 9 - Josh Sheedy, International Sales Manager, Arcus Wire Group

'Shaping tomorrow: Stainless steel wire rope and mesh's evolution in architecture, construction and leadership'

11.20 AM: SPEAKER 10 - Lissel Pilcher, General Manager, ASSDA

'The future is now: Positioning ASSDA in the stainless steel industry'

11.55 AM: Day 2 conference wrap up and close

12.00 PM: Networking Lunch (Sunset Lounge)

1.00 PM: Afternoon networking activity: 2-ball Golf Ambrose (Barry Durrant Memorial Trophy)
Parkwood Golf Course

6.30 PM: Farewell Dinner: The Green, QT Gold Coast

NOTE: All speakers and items contained within the program are subject to change without notice.

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